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My #Not-So-Royal Plate - 03/06/2011


For the past six months or so, I've been following various brands carrying out ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube and have been impressed by the creative ideas companies are using to create a non-commercial buzz around a brand’s name.

In April, I joined in the fun and entered 
Orange The Feed’s (@OrangeTheFeed) #myroyalplate – where followers were asked to let Orange know of their activities during the ‘Royal Wedding Week’ and they would commemorate it on a not-so-royal plate. Here’s mine:

[caption id="attachment_4043" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My Royal Plate"][/caption]

It arrived in the post yesterday!

Some of my other favourite random acts of kindness over the past year have been by Coca Cola, which gave out free bottles of coke and other gifts from 'Happiness vending machines' and then posted people’s reactions on You Tube, KLM, who watched who had checked-in for their flight on foursquare and took them a personalised gift for their trip, and O2, who sent people Kylie tickets who tweeted they were struggling to get hold of one!

While the concept is still quirky, and while it is limited to a spattering of brands, these stunts will continue to be successful. But when the novelty wears off (and people are no longer surprised by getting something for free), social media will bring us the next big thing.

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