Inbound Marketing

Put simply, Inbound Marketing is all about getting the right people to the right content to produce the right results for your business. Of course, there’s a little bit more to it than that; there’s SEO analysis and tracking, social media optimisation, conversion rate optimisation, marketing automation, landing page construction, email marketing… still sound simple? Luckily, the Smith & Smith team are experts in every facet of inbound marketing, and we’d love to simplify how you get your business in front of the right people…



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Like a peacock showing off its feathers, it’s important that your business lets your audience know exactly what you do. But you have to find them first. With thorough research and intelligence, through a number of on and offline channels, Smith & Smith targets your key buyer personas with your brand message…



An interested potential buyer will still need coercion, and that’s why it’s important your leads are filling in forms on your landing pages, clicking relevant calls to action and downloading your content. Whether it’s whitepapers, videos, ebooks or infographics, great content positions your business as an authority in its field, and turns warm leads red hot.



Now leads are rolling in, it’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Lead scoring, research and just picking up the phone are made easier thanks to the details gained during the inbound process. What’s more, in-depth reporting allows you to shape and define both your offering and how it’s offered going forward.



Your marketing shouldn’t stop with the sale. Inbound is all about keeping clients attracted to you by offering them continued support, further content and exclusive offers. Not only is a happy client easier to upsell to, they’re also now a brand advocate, willing to tell the world about the fantastic service you’ve been providing them!


How can inbound benefit you

Inbound marketing isn’t just about sales. It’s also about learning about your business and its customers. Through detailed analytics, inbound can show you how interested parties are finding you, what they are doing on your website, and, as long as your content and offers are intriguing enough, who they actually are.

A thorough, concentrated inbound marketing strategy transforms your web presence into an additional lead source, providing your sales team with warm, 3-dimensional leads, saving them and your business time and money.